Sunday, 6 January 2013

A New Year a New Army

Happy New Year to everyone.

Just before Christmas I finally gave in to temptation and brought a selection of Aventine Miniatures very nicely sculpted figures from their Pyrrhic range. I have to say that the service I got from Aventine was very good and quick plus they were able to tailor my order to suit my requirements.

These 16 archers (codes SK03-06) are my first batch, they are Cretans in mercenary service (which appears to have been a common occupation for Cretans in the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods) which is evidenced by the bull motif shown on the standard.

I really like these figures and have started the next batch of Thureophoroi. The next batch will take somewhat longer than the archers as there are more parts to them and assembling them ready for undercoating is more time consuming.

All bases are from Minibits who very kindly produced a series of movement trays for me (more on them another day). Minibits service was also very good and very quick.

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