Sunday, 20 January 2013

BKCII - The Build Up Part 1

Just started the planning for and the painting of some BKCII units for an Eastern Front 1944 game we have planned. This will be an encounter between part of the Russian 29th Tank Corps and II./Panzer Regiment 11* (Panzer Division 6) supported by some halftrack mounted infantry from I./Panzer Grenadier Regiment 114. There will be a few surprises in this game but I'm not letting on as to what these are yet...
These forces will be scaled at 1:3 (1:30 for the infantry) as I realised (whilst out walking the dog) that using this scale rather than 1:4 would allow a better representation of the forces involved and allow companies (Germans) and Battalions (Russians) to be viable units size wise and hence have their own command units. As it turns out it's also a better use of what I have painted (less spare painted models left unused).
First up are the 4 Pzkpfw IVH (Heroics & Ros code G015) Companies making up II./Panzer Regiment 11:

Next up on the left are the Battalion HQ (2 HQ tanks) and the Battalion Recce Platoon (2 tanks). On right is the Regimental HQ and Regimental Recce platoon:

For artillery support (pictured with the 4 companies above) their will be 2 Hummels (G060) and a Pzkpfw IV Forward Artillery Observer (FAO) from 3./Panzer Artillery Regiment 76.
On the "workbench" are the first of the Panzer Grenadiers (GR8) and their Sdkfz 251/1D (G022) halftracks. These are mostly models that I am reconditioning and bring up to the same standard as my more recently painted WWII models. I've started 2 companies and have just completed the first 10 Sdkfz 251/1D's (in a matching scheme to the Pzkpfw IV's).
Panzer Division 6 was rebuilt in the Summer of 1944 so does have a almost full allocation of new vehicles (inc. 81 Pzkpfw IVH) which, compared to other Panzer Divisions at the time, makes for quite large units. The Division was reorganised as a Type 1944 Panzer Division but did a have some unauthorised additions. For example one of the two Panzer Grenadier Regiments had a 3rd battalion which included a Cossack cavalry company! Unfortunately details of that battalions TO&E are difficult to come by as many of the records were lost. The Panzer Regiments 1st Battalion was still converting to Panthers so the Division was joined by I./Panzer Regiment Grossdeutschland equipped with 76 Panther G's.
* For those that don't know II./Panzer Regiment 11 means the 2nd Battalion (German Abteilung), Panzer Regiment 11 - the II indicated a battalion formation, if it was a number then it indicates a company (e.g. 1./Panzer Grenadier Regiment 114).
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  1. nice one Richard, love the idea of a Cossack company within a Panzer Division!

    I have a Cossack company in German service as (List G90):

    SHQ: 3 rifle squads, horses, sabres
    4 Troops@ 3 rifle squads, 3 LMG, horses, sabres
    1 Troop: 2x 5cm mortars, 1 rifle crew squad, horses, sabres

    so at your 1:30 ratio for BKC it looks like 1 HQ stand on horses, and 4 cavalry stands. How you deal with the 5cm mortars I'm not sure, think BKC leaves such things out as factored into the number of attacks for the infantry stands.

    It is an assumption that the Cossack company in your division has the same internal organisation as in other German Cossack regiments, but at least it's something to go off.


  2. Thanks Mark, all the info I have found so far just says that the 114th Panzer Grenadier Regiment formed an illegal 3rd Battalion and that one of its companies was a volunteer Cossack Mounted Squadron. This was done to give the Regimental commander two battalions to use even when the 1st (armoured) battalion was attached to the panzer regt. There isn't any info on what the other companies in that illegal battalion were - I have assumed that they would be organised as a normal motorised battalion but perhaps equipped with ex-Russian equipment. If the Cossacks are anything to go by then the rest of the battalion may of been made up of Russians or other Eastern nationalities?

    You're right about the mortars they just get factored in. The good thing about 1:3 rather than 1:4 is that it allows you to have the support stands (Sdkfz 251/2, 251/9 etc) within the companies rather than amalgamated at battalion level.



  3. You could go to town on that 3rd Battalion, I'd put the BHQ in captured field cars with SMGs, and have 1 of the 2 infantry companies solely equipped with PPsh41 and a mix of MG34 and DP LMG but 2 per squad, replace the company HW platoons with 82mm mortars and PTRD41, and the Battalion Support Company could have an AT platoon of Su-76 or 76m M42 field guns, and another of 45mm M42 ATG, Russian 120mm mortar battery, and AA platoon of 3x 12.7mm HMG on trucks, or towed 37mm M39 AA.

    The fact that the 3rd company was on horses implies there might not be enough trucks to move the whole battalion.