Monday, 11 June 2012


Over this past weekend I have managed to get in two medieval wargames using Mark Bevis' 20mm Crusades period Egyptian, Mongol and Syrian armies (thanks Mark). I managed to win the second of the two games mainly by massed archery and then by cornering the remaining Mongol unit. Here's a selection of photos (all from the first game):

This is the (my) Syrian right, the light horse archers are out in front on the right followed by a unit of Syrian heavy cavalry and, on the opposite side of the river, a small unit of bodyguard cavalry:

The Syrian cavalry engages the oncoming Mongol hordes!

The Syrian cavalry runs away!

All of the figures were painted by Mark, the rules used are a much modified version of Fire and Fury adapted for the ancient and medieval periods.


  1. Syrian OOB:
    Amir's Mamluk bodyguard Heavy cavalry: 7 stands
    2x Syrian Askar Heavy cavalry units@ 9 stands
    Adath city Militia: 25 stands
    al-Ashir nomad archers: 10 stands
    Ghazi volunteer infantry: 12 stands
    Turcoman light horse archers: 9 stands
    1 CinC, 2 wing commanders
    One stand is 2 figures, 1 figure is 20 men, so a 12 stand unit represents c500 troops.

  2. Egyptian OOB:
    CinC, 2 wing commanders
    Egyptian Tabardar guard axemen: 12 stands
    Egyptian foot archers: 16 stands
    Ethiopian volunteer irregulars: 9 stands
    Arab volunteers: 4 stands
    Ghazi volunteer infantry: 12 stands
    2x Mongal Mingan@ 16 stands HC/LC mixed regiments

    Scenario was that the Amir of some unrecorded Syrian town had been found out supplying salt and oranges to the Franks without paying duties to the Ayyubid sultan (date c1280AD) and the Egyptians sent a punitive expedition to correct him in the error of his ways.

    As this is all the figures I had painted so far (since Feb 2012) it was somewhat unbalanced against the Syrians, but at least it was a good run out of the rules!

  3. Thanks for posting all the details.



  4. Lots more photos here:


    1. I'll send you my pictures to add to the folder.