Monday, 18 March 2013

An Update

Sorry it's been a while since I posted, works been pretty busy of late and thats taken up much of my energy. I thought it was about time I posted an update:
I have gradually fought my way through the two 1944/45 era Russian tank brigades and they are now both complete (pics to follow later), though at some point I want to add the bits needed to make them usable for 1943 - I have everything I just need to paint it.
I have also painted up a IS-2 Regiment, which at 1:3 scale has 9 of the beasts (2 per company and 1 HQ tank) and I'm just in the process of painting up the SMG company to give the regiment some infantry support. This unit represents the 14th Guards Separate Heavy Tank Regiment which was attached to the 29th Tank Corps in June '44. This regiment was part of the 5th Guards Tank Army as an army asset rather than being a permanent part of the 29th Tank Corps. I will also be painting up the earlier KV-1S equipped version of this regiment for 1943/early '44 games.
Also on the painting table are the two company command units needed to complete the two Panzer Grenadier Companies I did earlier in the year.
Old Models:
Recently I discovered how effective Dettol is in stripping the paint off old models. So far I've managed to recover 69 models and have plenty more to go at. It does take a bit of effort and Dettols pretty pungent stuff but it's definitely worth the effort as you do end up with effectively new models (which are also germ free!).
Having recently sold off some of my old 15mm I used the proceeds to finish off a few of my armies so I'm now looking to paint up the following formations (how long they'll actually take me is another matter entirely!):
Various Russian and German WWII units including various assault gun, heavy tank and artillery units. The 29th Tank Corps will get its SU-76's, SU-85's, SU-122's, SU-152's, ISU-152's and Lend-Lease M-10's. A Panther Battalion will be added to the existing 1944 Panzer Regiment. There's lots more on top of all that.
October War 1973 - I have put together the models needed for an Egyptian Tank and Infantry Brigade (more on these units as they get built). I have also put together a few Israeli Battalions to give the Egyptians something to fight - these battalions will be made up of M48's, M60's and Centurions and there will also be some infantry though the actual type of infantry unit is yet to be decided (probably mechanised but Para's are also an option). I also have some brigade (Israeli) and divisional (Egyptian) level support.
Cold War 1989 - I have created a BMP (BMP-1/2 & T-72) equipped Motor Rifle Regiment and a Tank Regiment (T-72's, no BMP battalion) from one of the Motor Rifle Divisions stationed in Czechoslovakia. I also have the models to do the Divisional Anti-Tank Battalion, the Divisional Recce Battalion, a 2S3 Battalion and various other divisional assets. To face them I have elements from the US 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanised) which will include an M1 Abrams equipped tank battalion and a M2 Bradley equipped mechanised battalion, again there will be plenty of brigade/divisional level support.
Thats all for now.
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