Thursday, 4 April 2013

M51 Isherman Company

These are the first models for my 1973 October War era Israelis (for the Southern Front). I quite like these H&R M51 Ishermans (ISM02), the model is quite detailed though the gun barrel does have a weak point near the join with the turret but once painted is somewhat stronger:

Israeli tank battalions are quite a complex subject and different sources give different info for the same units which makes life difficult foe wargamers. I've written myself an Armoured Brigade list (at my usual 1:3 scale) to try and cover all the variables, it's not 100% accurate and was hard work but it's good enough for what I want to do. I've enough models to put together a battalion each of Centurions (Sh'ot) and M48's (Magach 3), a Mechanised Battalion in M3 Half Tracks and an Armoured Recce Battalion with M60's (Magach 6) and M113's. With the addition of a few extra units the Mechanised Infantry will probably double up as Paratroopers.
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