Wednesday, 29 May 2013

German Infantry 1944

This is the first of the two German Infantry Battalions for my Grenadier Regiment:

The battalion has 3 companies of infantry (note the Panzershreck equipped stand) each of 3 stands (GR8):

3 82mm Mortar Stands (GR2) representing those of the support company and of the Grenadier companies which are consolidated together to allow them to be represented at 1:4 scale. On the far right is the single MMG stand (GR2) (part of the support company):

Battalion HQ (G185) and Kubelwagen (G089):

Also completed are the support elements from the Regimental Anti-Tank and Infantry Gun Companies. First up is the 75mm PAK 40 (G054) and the 150mm sIG33 infantry gun (G067):

Then we have the 75mm infantry guns (G066):

I still have truck tows to add to motorise these support companies.

Finally we have the StuG IIIG (G064) Company and Marder IIIH (G035) Company forming part of the Divisional Panzerjager Battalion:

The Marders are probably the incorrect models for Normandy but the correct versions don't seem to be available in 6mm.

All models are from Heroics & Ros (Heroics & Ros codes are shown in ()).

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  1. I dig 6mm, except that it's truly tough to photograph. Keep up the good work.

    1. Yes it is hard to photograph properly but I'm learning so hopefully the pics will get better with time.