Saturday, 2 November 2013

WotR Basing & Painting

I've now based all of my finished WotR figures on 25mm round bases from Minibits:

Here's all 8 figures:

The method I've used for basing the figures is as follows:
1. Paint the figures metal base dark brown (in this case Coat D'Arms brown horse tone) before attaching it to the MDF base.
2. Coat the base (but not the top of the figures metal base) in PVA and cover in grit (approx 1mm round). Leave to dry.
3. Once dry paint the grit and base edge in dark brown, I tend to water down the paint to make it flow easier around the grit.
4. Using the Baccus basing system dry brush coats dry brush each colour on gradually reducing the amount of paint used for each of the three coats (base, mid and top).
5. Once dry seal the base with a layer of mat varnish - its important to do the edge as well as that helps protect it.
6. Apply static grass randomly to the base leaving some of the grit showing. The static grass used in this case also came from the Baccus Basing System.

Another thing I've also added is some of the Dux Brittaniarum movement trays from Warbases which I've painted/flocked to match the figure bases:

All of the trays come pre-assembled and the Minibits bases slotted in easily (that was a relief!). I'm quite impressed with these and will be adding more for this and other periods. The movement trays allow me to have individually based figures but still be able to move lots of them around easily and they increase my options as to how I can arrange the figures. The trays are available in 12 versions (2 slots up to 12 slots) and I picked up the two 5 slot ones they offer (2mm top layer types).

Finally here's another pair of archers I completed and based (stage 2) earlier today:

These are codes WR2 and WR20 from the Front Rank WotR range.

I've just cleaned up ready for painting another pair of archers and three more men-at-arms which will complete the first 3 'units' of 5.

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