Friday, 15 June 2012

Russian Early War Tanks

Here's my latest batch of early war tanks, still need to do the flock/stones on the bases so I'll post some more pictures of them once they're done.

Firstly we have 9 T-35 5 turreted monsters, these have been rebased, repainted and varnished. Originally they were on 30mm square bases but that proved to be too small a base to properly appreciate one of my favourite tanks so I have re-based them on 30mm x 40mm bases. These models will be joined by 10 more of these monsters along with some KV-1 tanks to form the heavy tank battalion of the 67th Tank Regiment of the 34th Tank Division in July 1941. The models to the front are (left to right) the Battalion HQ and the 3 tanks Staff HQ Platoon, the models to the back form 1 company of 1 HQ tank and 2 two tank platoons:

Secondly we have 3 KV-2 tanks which will be added to the T-28 tank battalion of my 5th Tank Regiment, 3rd Tank Division, 1st Mechanised Corps (also from July 1941):

Finally we have 4 T-26B's which are also assigned to the 5th Tank Regiment's flame tank battalion. These tanks will be joined at some point by 6 flamethrower versions (Kht-26) to make a full company. One of these tanks will be the Company HQ tank, the others will form a 3 tank platoon:

All models are from Heriocs and Ros. The organisational charts that these formations are for are available from the Wargames Vault (lists R211 and R288).

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