Monday, 3 September 2012

WW2 Wargame

This past weekend we played an early war Eastern Front clash between elements of the German 1st Panzer Division and the 5th Tank Regiment of the Russian 3rd Tank Division of the 1st Mechanised Corps. I based the scenario on an actual clash between the 6th Panzer and the same Russia Division, details of which can be found here along with plenty of pictures of the knocked out Russian tanks (you will need to translate the page).

We used Marks Microrules set, he controlled the Germans and I tried to lead my newly painted Russians. Apart from the planes (not shown) all models are from my own collection. All models are Heroics and Ros.

The German Advance in Centre - having suffered multiple double 6 blunders they have multiple breakdowns!

German defensively deployed right flank complete with infantry Guns, 37mm PAK 35/36 and a platoon of Panzer IIIG (short 50mm)

BT-7 tanks advancing on my left flank, the leading platoon has just lost the 2nd tank in from the left and it's neighbour has just had it's tracks shot off! Unfortunately these tanks were trying to advance against a battery of infantry guns one of which mounted a 150mm howitzer (SIG 33/Pz I). 

The Russian advance in the centre, my infantry have just begun to occupy the village with my flame tanks (converted double turreted T-26A's) moving round in support, though some of them are already in flames!

The Russian gun line and right flank (more BT-7's). These 152mm howitzers did a good job of protecting my centre from the German left hook.

Another view of the centre and of the bridge which was the primary objective for both sides. 

The German right flank again, this time showing the results of an ammunition reload blunder (double 6 on 2D6 when attempting to activate)!!

The aftermath! Loads of burning, knocked out or abandoned vehicles plus a few of the German and Russian survivors (including the remnants of my T-28/KV-1/2 heavy battalion). Rather surprisingly I actually won this game simply because the Germans didn't complete the destruction of the various Russian units.

A second view of the centre

A third view - in the distance you can see the two German 10.5cm howitzers that kept hitting my tanks with HE throughout the game

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