Wednesday, 17 October 2012

1/2 a BKCII Game

I managed to get in half of an 8 turn BKCII early Russian Front game this evening, unfortunately I lost about an hour setting the table up but I had to sort stuff out to make space for my small 4' x 3' table (which incidentally must be getting on a bit now as my Dad built it for me some 20+ years ago).

The game itself went well although it was probably a little on the slow side simply because I kept looking things up (it is only my 2nd game after all and playing solo doesn't help either but wargamers are few and far between in Lancashire). The Russians deployed a full tank regiment from the 2nd Tank Division, 3rd Mechanised Corps; the Germans deployed Panzer Regiment 1, 1st Panzer Division. The first two turns consisted of a burst of movement followed by an almost complete failure on my part to roll well and activate anything. On top of all that the Russian CO blundered on his 1st activation and promptly left the table!

During turns 3 and 4 both sides continued to advance and commenced firing at each other. Another blunder saw a BT-7 destroyed by the blunder outcome (it ended up taking 12 hits!). The Germans managed to take out a KV-2 but it was hard work as the KV tanks have a 4+ save and the Germans suffered losses in return. I halted the game at this point as I'd run out of time.

I jotted down a few things to learn from this game, these are:

1. It may well be better to have a HQ per company (it would only be able to command it's own company though) for the Germans just to give them the opportunity to out manoeuvre the Russians. This would obviously need to be balanced out by the number of Russian units fielded. A rough ratio of 1 German battalion to 1 Russian regiment might be right if the Germans have a lot of HQ's though at the end of the day things are rarely fair and balanced in war.
2. The Germans should be fielded with a mix of troops to get the combined arms effects that they were so skilled at - hitting the advancing Russians with artillery and airstrikes would of been very helpful to the Germans.
3. I really need to base my CO's/HQ's on either different sized or different shaped bases, there were times when I accidentally moved a HQ because I couldn't easily tell them apart from the normal stands.


  1. Always good to see a BKCII report. Any pics? Playing on a 4x3 table? That's small. Though I think my table is just 3x3.

    1. I've just had a look at the photos I took with my phones camera and unfortunately they're not much good (washed out by the flash). I'll take some more later without using the flash.



  2. Yes I did take a few pics, I'll try and remember to upload them later. The reason for the small table is simply down to the space I have available in the room where all my wargames stuff is stored, I just wanted to have a small area where I could leave a game set up and it's also available for when I want to test rules out. I have 6' x 5' table but that has to be taken down after use as it can only go up in the conservatory.