Sunday, 14 October 2012

Romanian Cavalry MkIII - Decisions

I've made the decision to go with 1:4 rather than 1 stand = 1 platoon as I felt that was a better way to do organise things. So that now means the TO&E I posted last time is slightly different as each cavalry squadron now has 2 infantry stands rather than 3. I also decided to drop the battalion HQ's as because of the small size of the squadron the regiment really ought to be the manoeuvre unit, this now gives the Brigade 3 main manoeuvre units each of which can be strengthened by attaching out the brigade level support squadrons.

I have also completed BKCII lists for most of the rest of the units that made up the Romanian 3rd Army which has made for quite an interesting research project, I just have the Infantry Division list to do and that's everything for the 3rd Army. Unfortunately the Cavalry Corps had no Corps level support units so is rather a week formation really (and in reality is really only a division in size).

As for actual models I have completed 2 cavalry regiments (which admittedly were already painted) but would have to spend some hard earned cash with Heroics and Ros to enable me to complete the rest of the brigade. I suspect that if I do complete the brigade I would add 2 more cavalry regiments - 1 motorised, 1 as horsed cavalry - to enable me to field a semi-motorised or a horsed cavalry brigade. The only difference in the brigade support squadrons appears to be the number of "tanks" in the Mechanised Recon Squadron (4 real tanks for the horsed cavalry and 6 for the semi-motorised cavalry which I would do as 1 and 2 models respectively just to make the differences in the two units more apparent on the table top), other than that there are no other differences.

I have another solo BKCII game involving a June 1941 clash between the Russian 3rd Tank Regiment (2nd Tank Division, 12th Mechanised Corps) and Panzer Regiment 1 (1st Panzer Division) scheduled in for Wednesday evening. This is a semi-historical encounter as the Panzer Regiment was in reality the 11th equipped with Pzkpfw 35(t)'s rather than the 1st equipped with Pzkpfw IIIG's but it was in the same area at that time. How well the Germans will deal with the 4 KV-1's and 2 KV-2's the Russians will field I don't know, but they will definitely fare better than a unit equipped with Pzkpfw 35(t)'s! The 1st Panzer was one of the few units with 50mm armed Pzkpfw III's so is somewhat better off than the 37mm armed Pzkpfw 35(t)'s fielded by Panzer Regiment 11. Report to follow later in the week.

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