Tuesday, 1 October 2013

AZW British Infantry

Still no sign of any bases yet but I have been working my way through the first batch of British Regulars. Admittedly I did find these hard going but they did come together in the end which is good considering I have another 174 more to do.....

Here's the first 18:

A close up of one of the 8 figure painting strips:

The command strip including a Colour Sergeant at the end (you might just be able to pick out my attempt at a sergeants stripes on his right arm):

The other end of the painting strip:

I'm toying with the idea of using these across 2 bases rather than just one as I originally planned (and also increasing the number of bases that make up a Zulu "unit"), each base would represent a half company (2 sections) which coincidentally was a real sub-division of a British Company in 1879. The two bases would, of course, operate as one unit.

Having 9 figures (8 privates and 1 officer or NCO) per half company might make the base appear underpopulated in comparison to the 24 figure Zulu bases but a British infantry company would of been deployed in a very open skirmish order with up to 3 yards between men (they don't call it the thin red line for nothing!). So there's historical support for my basing ideas.

All figures are Baccus from pack CBR2.

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  1. Looking very good. I like the way the redcoats seem to stand out - did you use a white undercoat for them? They will look great based.



  2. Thanks Andy. The red was painted straight on to the black undercoat, in places it probably did get a second coat. The reds Vellego's scarlet which is the only red I've come across that'll cover well on it's first coat, some reds I've tried in the past won't cover well after 3 coats even with a lighter undercoat.