Saturday, 19 October 2013

Napoleonic Planning - a Basic Outline

This is the basic outline of what I have tentatively planned. It's all based on the armies present at the Battle of Salamanca in 1812:

6th Division: (Major-General Clinton)
Hulse's Brigade:

1/11th Foot Regiment
2/53rd Foot Regiment
1/61st Foot Regiment
5/60th Foot Regiment (1 coy)
Hinde's Brigade:
2nd Foot Regiment
1/32nd Foot Regiment
1/36th Foot Regiment
Rezende's Portuguese Brigade:
1/ & 2/8th Portuguese Regiment
1/ & 2/12th Portuguese Regiment
9th Cacadore Battalion
1 Battery, 8th Battalion (6pdrs)

3rd Division: (Général de division Ferey)
Menne's Brigade

1/ & 2/31st Légère Regiment
1/ & 2/26th Ligne Regiment
Arnaud's Brigade
1/, 2/ & 3/47th Ligne Regiment
1/ & 2/70th Ligne Regiment
7 Battery, 3rd Horse Artillery

All the above's based on various Nafziger lists (see here for the full free collection) and does need some more research.

I'll probably add a cavalry element to each army as well. At the moment the 47th Ligne is about 1/3rd complete, I have all of the French sitting ready to be painted but have yet to invest in the British. I've done some research in to the uniforms and organisation of the Portuguese but I need to complete this before ordering any figures. As I understand it I will need figures in Stovepipes to represent post 1811 Portuguese, I just need to get my head around which of the Adler British figures would best represent them. I also need to figure out whether the 2 battalions in a Portuguese Line Regiment fought as separate battalions or were combined together - its a case of do I need to represent them as 2 manoeuvre units per regiment or only the one?

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  1. Looks interesting Richard. Look forward to seeing them as they develop. I'm thinking of putting together force/s for a Waterloo game of some kind - 200th anniversary in 2015 and it will probably take me till then to put enough troops together. I did pick up some British, Brunswickers and French painted figures at Derby, but to be honest haven't really looked at them since, the real world keeps getting in the way. So, I'll probably be putting together some relatively late war forces, although at the scale I'm happy to use them for any period. In the big game last weekend, we had troops from just about every nation except highlanders, many definitely not representing themselves. Happy to give you a game once I get going with them. If you fancy an outing in ACW, I can let you know what basing we are using and I'm sure Rick and I will be playing some bigger games through next year where there should be some spare commands.



    1. Hi Andy,

      I'll have a look at the ACW books I've got and pick up some figures to do some test painting with, so yes please let me know the base sizes/conventions you're using. I might get some Adler figures as I can just get a regiments worth which would be enough for a test.

      To be honest the Napoleonics have been (temporally) put on the back burner so I can do some of my 28mm Wars of the Roses figures - a friend of mine has some plans for some a skirmish game so I thought I'd knock together a small force for that (probably a lord, some men-at-arms, some billmen and some archers). After painting 6mm for months there seems a lot of surface area to cover on a 28mm figure!



  2. Hi Richard

    For 6mm we use three stand regiments based on 40x20mm (10 or 12 figs/base). Skirmishers four stand units based on 30x30 (4figs/base). Cavalry, 3 stands/unit, 4 figs per stand on 40x20. Dismounted cavalry on 30x30, 2 stands like skirmishers and 2 stands with 2 figs, 1 horseholder and three horses. Artillery, one or two pieces on a 40x30 plus 4 crew per piece. Brigade co's on 2p pieces or similar, division & higher co's on 40mm diameter discs. I'm also thinking of similar for naps.