Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wars of the Roses Progress

I've managed to complete two more archers tonight, it's still taking me longer than I would like (2 sessions) but I'm happier with the results of this process than I was using the dip method (the figures are brighter). The method I've used involves a combination of shading and highlighting of the base colours so it does take longer than simply blocking out the colour and painting on the Army Painter "dip".

The next batch will have more variation in clothing colour but will still have some red and white to match in with the retinues red and white colour scheme.

All figures are Front Rank (codes WR23 & WR19).

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  1. Very nice figures - I liked the armour on the figure in the previous post too.



  2. Thanks Andy, there's more armoured figures to do so in the next batch or two. To be honest I much prefer to paint the armoured figures but you can't get away with an army completely in plate unfortunately.