Sunday, 6 October 2013

More Anglo-Zulu War Bases

Here's the latest set of bases starting with No. 1 Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Natal Native Contingent. The majority of men in this company came from the amaThembu (meaning people of the Thembu), they provided all of the rank and file along with a much smaller number of NCO's (usually 10). The company also had a few European officers and NCO's who were nominally in charge but often didn't speak the language of those they commanded! The Europeans themselves often came from different countries so communication between Europeans must of been somewhat difficult as well! (The Regiments European Officers and NCO's were English, Irish, French, German, Danish, Swiss, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Belgian and American).

Note the two Rifle armed figures standing out in front of the rest of the company - these are the amaThembu NCO's, being the only Africans in the company with fire arms they were sent out in front to engage the enemy with rifle fire. I presume that they would fall back within the company as the enemy approached. The Rifles were probably Enfield Breach Loading Rifles though some Martini-Henry Rifles were issued to the 3rd NNC they mostly ended up with the Europeans or with the second battalion. The companies firepower is diminished by the lack of training and the small issue of firearms.

Next up is A Company 1st Battalion, 24th Regiment of Foot. This battalion had been in Africa for many years by 1879 so probably didn't look quite as smart as they do here. A Company was commanded by Captain William Degacher (modelled with a blue coat which many officers wore in preference to red) and was probably about 80 strong when it crossed the frontier in to the Zulu Kingdom. Unfortunately none of the officers and men survived iSandlwana.

Finally these are the first pair of Zulu "brigade" command stands. Each features a couple of Indana's (leaders) and a couple of Zulu Warriors acting as bodyguards.

All figures are Baccus from packs CBR8 (mounted officers), CBR9 (Natal Native Contingent and European NCO), CBR2 (British Regulars), CZU1 (Zulu Warriors) and CZU3 (Zulu Command). Bases are all by Minibits.

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