Saturday, 14 September 2013

16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division 1944

Here's the almost complete 16th Infantry, the crew figures need adding to the anti-tank guns and the yet to be painted command figures need adding as well but at least you can get an idea of what the completed regiment will look like. I'm actually missing the 105mm infantry gun as I forgot to buy some crew figures for it, doh! The Heroics and Ros references are shown in ().

HQ and HQ Company
This consists of a recce section (USR1), a HQ (US58 - to add) with jeep (US38) and a 57mm anti-tank platoon (US22) and Studebaker tow truck (US40).

Rifle Company
There are 3 of these in each battalion each with 3 platoons (USR1 & US01 for the bazookas). Each infantry stand has five figures which is my standard way of representing infantry stands.

Support Company
There is a single one of these in each battalion. This company consists of a 81mm mortar platoon and 2 HMG platoons (USR2). All support stands consist solely of the weapon and its crew, occasionally I will add additional infantry figures if the weapon is crewed by only 2 figures.

The Full Battalion

The Full 16th Infantry Regiment
Well almost the full regiment anyway. At the front you can see the yet to be completed CO stand complete with a Dodge Weapons Carrier (US39), along side the CO we have the Regimental anti-tank company which I've modelled as two stands due to its size (9 guns - I use the WW2/Modern Spearhead method of representing small companies as two stands, this method will make more sense when you see the larger (12 gun) 76mm anti-tank company in my next posting).

Thanks for looking, more to follow....

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  1. Looking really good Richard. Will you do any Rangers and/or assault engineers to go along with the infantry? These should look good on the tabletop!



  2. Thanks Andy, yes there will be some assault engineers but I hadn't planned to do any rangers (it was either that or some paras and the paras won). Yes they should look good on the table top, all I need to do now is finish off the artillery, base up the remaining German infantry and paint up some fortifications then I might actually get a game in!