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US 1st Infantry Division Normandy 1944 The Army List

This is the army list I've created to model a Regimental Combat Team (or RCT) and its supporting Divisional assets:



16th Infantry Regiment

HQ: 1x CO (CV9)
Anti-Tank Company:
2x 57mm ATG/Truck
Cannon Company:
1x 105mm IG/Truck

3 Rifle Battalions, each with:
HQ: 1x HQ (CV8), 1x Mine Marker
AT Platoon: 1x 57mm ATG/Truck
Recce Section: 1x Scout Stand
3 Rifle Companies, each with:
2x Rifle Stands; 1x Rifle Stand (Bazooka, M1A1)
Support Company:
1x 81mm Mortar; 2x HMG Stands


7th Field Artillery Battalion:
1x FAO (CV8)/Jeep or L-4 Grasshopper
3 Batteries, each with:
1x 105mm Howitzer

5th Field Artillery Battalion:
1x FAO (CV8)/Jeep or L-4 Grasshopper
3 Batteries, each with:
1x 155mm Howitzer

62nd Armoured Field Artillery Battalion:
1x FAO (CV8)/M4
3 Batteries, each with:
1x M7 Priest

1st Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanised):
HQ: 1x HQ (CV8)/M8 Greyhound
3 Recon Platoons, each with:
1x M8 Greyhound; 1x Jeep

B Company, 635th Tank Destroyer Battalion (Towed):
3x 76mm ATG/M3 HT

A Company, 1st Combat Engineer Battalion:
3x Engineer Stands

741st Tank Battalion, 7th Corps:
HQ: 1x HQ (CV8)/M4
Recce Platoon: 1x Jeep
Mortar Battery: 1x M21 HT
Gun Platoon: 1x M4 (105)
3 Medium Tank Companies, each with:
3x M4 (75) or M4A1 (75)
Light Tank Company:
3x M5A1

1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division:
HQ: 1x HQ (CV9)
Mortar Platoon: 1x 81mm Mortar
3 Rifle Companies, each with:
2x Paratroop Stands
1x Paratroop Stand (Bazooka, M1A1)

Naval Support:
0-2x Naval Gun Fire
0-1x Naval Rockets

Air Support:
0-1x FAC (CV8)/Jeep
0-3x P-47 (Bombs or Rockets)
0-1x B-25 Mitchell

Assets (per stand):
0-4x Artillery HE
0-2x Artillery Smoke
0-2x Aircraft Ground Attack


1. Morale Grade: Regulars (Paratroops: Motivated).
2. Normal tactical doctrine (Paratroops: Flexible tactical doctrine).
3. Full air superiority.
4. Close Artillery Support: Any command unit can request artillery support using the CV of the FAO and the LOS of any infantry or infantry support unit within 20cm of the command unit.
5. Tanks and tank destroyers may be used as off table artillery.

Photos of the finished platoons to follow....

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