Saturday, 14 September 2013

US and German Artillery - WIP

These are what I'm currently working on. As usual the Heroics and Ros references are shown in ().

B Company, 635th Tank Destroyer Battalion (Towed)
3 platoons of 76mm anti-tank guns (US23), each platoon will have a M3 halftrack tow.

7th Field Artillery Battalion
3 batteries of 105mm howitzers (US28).

5th Field Artillery Battalion
3 batteries of 155mm howitzers (US29).

IV./Artillery Regiment 352
3 batteries of 150mm howitzers (G062). These guns will also double up as III./Panzer Artillery Regiment 73 for my 1941 Panzer Division 1 list, technically they'd probably be in a different colour but it fits nicely in to my multi use unit plan.

Will post pictures of the finished guns later in the week.

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