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German Infantry Division 352 Normandy 1944 The Army List

This is the opposition for The Big Red One. I've still to decide quite how many fortifications to build but there will be quite a few of them:



Grenadier Regiment 915

HQ: 1x CO (CV9)
Anti-Tank Company:
1x 75mm ATG/Truck
Infantry Gun Company:
2x 75mm IG/Truck; 1x 150mm IG/Truck
Pioneer Platoon:
1x Engineer Stand (Panzerfaust)
Reconnaissance Platoon:
1x Bicycle Scout Stand

I./ & II./Grenadier Regiment 915, each with:
HQ: 1x HQ (CV8)
3 Rifle Companies, each with:
3x Rifle Stands (Panzerfaust)
Heavy Company:
1x HMG Stand; 2x 81mm Mortars


I./Grenadier Regiment 726 (from Infantry Division 716):
HQ: 1x HQ (CV8)
Bicycle Rifle Company:
3x Fortress Rifle Stands/Bicycles
3 Rifle Companies, each with:
3x Fortress Rifle Stands
Company Support Stands:
2x 81mm Mortars

I./Artillery Regiment 352:
1x FAO (CV7)
3 Batteries, each with:
1x 105mm Howitzer/Horse Limbers

IV./Artillery Regiment 352:
1x FAO (CV7)
3 Batteries, each with:
1x 150mm Howitzer/Horse Limbers

2./Pioneer Battalion 252
3x Engineer Stands (Panzerfaust)

Panzerjager Battalion 352:
HQ: 1x HQ (CV8)/Kubel
Anti-Tank Company:
3x Marder IIIH
StuG Company:
2x StuG IIIG
AA Company:
2x Truck mounted 37mm AA

Air Support:
0-1x FW-190
0-1x HS-129

Assets (per stand):
0-2x Artillery HE
0-1x Artillery Smoke
0-1x Aircraft Ground Attack

0-12x Trenches (1 stand width each)
0-?x Gun Pits (for 1 artillery or AT stand)
0-?x Wire (20cm)
0-?x Dummy Minefields (20x10cm)
0-?x Marked Minefields (20x10cm)
0-?x Unmarked Minefields (20x10cm)
0-?x Anti-Tank Ditch (20x5cm)
0-?x Dragons Teeth (20x5cm)
0-?x Dug-outs
0-4x Pill-boxes
0-2x Medium Bunkers
0-4x Heavy Bunkers (1x 150mm gun each)
0-1x Command Post (+1 CV)


1. Morale Grade: Regulars.
2. Flexible tactical doctrine.
3. No air superiority.
4. Rifle stands may additionally receive a second anti-tank upgrade in the form of Panzerschrecks. However there is no evidence that the division received any. If Panzershrecks are used a maximum of 1 per company is allowed (not fortress rifle stands).
5. Infiltration: +1 to command value for flank deployment.
6. 150mm guns in heavy bunkers can be used as indirect artillery (via a FAO in a Command Post) or for direct fire.

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