Friday, 13 September 2013

741st Tank Battalion, 7th Corps

Managed to take a small batch of photo's of the units supporting the US 1st Infantry Division. This is the 741st Tank Battalion, 7th Corps which was attached to the Division during D-Day itself through to the 15th June 1944, it could also be used to represent any of the other tank battalions that were attached to the Division during June. The Heroics and Ros references are shown in ().

HQ and HQ Company
This consists of (left to right) the HQ tank (US04), a recce platoon represented by a single jeep (US38), a Gun Platoon in the form of a M4 with 105mm gun (US04A) and an M21 Mortar Halftrack (US31) representing the mortar platoon:

Medium Tank Company
There are 3 of these in the battalion, each has 3 tank platoons. 2 platoons are represented by M4's (US04) and 1 by a converted M4A1 dozer (US36 with the dozer attachment points removed - H&R don't make a M4A1 thats suitable for the US tanks in the ETO, the one they do make has sand guards):

Light Tank Company
There was only the one of these in the battalion, which like the medium companies has 3 tank platoons each of which is represented by a single M5A1 (US03):

741st Tank Battalion

Please see my earlier post for the units BKCII TO&E.

More pics of the Infantry Regiment to follow when I get chance of the weekend.

Thanks for looking

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  1. Looking good Richard. These will look great storming the beaches. Looking forward to the next instalment!



    1. Thanks Andy, I'll get the 16th Infantry out for photographing tomorrow.